Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative

The Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative is a partnership of organizations coming together to provide structure and support for local public health agencies through coordination and collaboration across partners working on Contact Tracing initiatives related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Colorado, as we enter the next phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have to take the necessary steps to increase testing for COVID-19, isolate positive cases, trace contacts of positive cases and quarantine those who have been exposed. As testing starts to increase across the state, contact tracing efforts must increase to ensure we contain the spread of the virus to the best of our ability. Contact tracing is one of the oldest tools in public health used to contain communicable diseases that have few or no treatments.

As a local-control state, the onus of the work and the need falls heavily on local public health agencies. Local agencies are already stretched thin with the necessary work they must do related to the outbreak of COVID-19, so the need for an additional workforce is not only helpful but vital. In order to meet the needs of local public health agencies and communities, the Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative has been formed.


The Collaborative has 3 primary objectives:

Objective 1: Coordinate statewide initiatives to ensure effective and efficient roll out of a contact-tracing workforce in coordination with other statewide containment strategies

Objective 2: Recruit, train and deploy a statewide contact-tracing workforce that is reflective and in support of the needs of local communities across Colorado

Objective 3: Monitor the roll out of the workforce across Colorado


The following are members of the Collaborative. The membership increases in engagement constantly, so this list of members may not be exhaustive.

  • Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials
  • Metro Denver Partnership for Health
  • Colorado School of Public Health
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment
  • Innovation Response Team
  • Colorado Medical Society
  • Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center
  • Patient Navigator Training Collaborative
  • Colorado Cross Disability Coalition
  • Colorado Hospital Association
  • Colorado Health Institute
  • Trailhead Institute

For more information, visit the Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative website. If you would like to engage in the Collaborative, please reach out to