Courtney Fultineer, a Program Manager for PCORI’s Pipeline to Proposal Program, and Kevin Werner, a Program Coordinator for the same, are quite the duo. Comparing themselves to Dharma and Greg (from a late-90s show about a free-spirit and her more straight-laced partner), Courtney believes that she and Kevin work so well together as officemates because their personalities balance each other out. Where Kevin is more relaxed, Courtney is all energy. They love sharing their “good vibes” with everyone at Trailhead. Kevin’s puppy Bailey is the newest addition to Centered Office. She brings energy, joy, and a high attention to detail to Trailhead, and her office buddies are certain that she’ll make a fine Regional “Hound” Connector someday! If you visit them, you can experience their “mission statement” firsthand: “Come crooked or sideways, leave Centered.”