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Administrative Partnership

Managing the fiscal and administrative responsibilities of a public health initiative can be a complex and time-consuming burden that diverts precious staff and resources away from your core efforts and objectives. At Trailhead Institute, we serve as a flexible, administrative portal for fiscal sponsorship and for reporting of grants or contracts for individual community organizations and collaborations. Our approach allows you to leverage our administrative services while maintaining full control over your projects. We also serve as a strategic business partner for government agencies and universities, facilitating community-based projects while managing the flow of funding into the community. Our simple yet robust process helps avoid the cumbersome bureaucracies of large, complex institutions. And we’re proud of the exceptional rating on fiscal and contractual management of public and private funds that federal, state, and independent auditors have given us.

Current administrative partnership projects

Aurora Health Access

Brings together key health and community leaders who are committed to transforming the health care system in Aurora, serving as a powerful catalyst for change.

CHARGE for Positive Youth Development

Works across the six counties of southeast Colorado, using the County Health Rankings and Community Guide to help local public health agencies evaluate or select evidence-based strategies to impact health in the region.

CREA Results Community Health Workers

Harnesses the talents and abilities of community members to eliminate health disparities and environmental poverty through local action.

Colorado Cancer Coalition

Are dedicated to achieving increased prevention, research, early detection and improved treatment of cancer for all Coloradoans in the coming decade.

Colorado Prevention Alliance (Insurance Providers)

Engages Colorado health plans, public health entities, businesses and other stakeholders to work collaboratively on disease prevention issues and to leverage resources to support these endeavors.

Farm to School Task Force

Implements a statewide farm-to-school program that brings healthy, fresh, local food to K-12 schools in Colorado to improve student nutrition and health.

Gaining Ground (Public Health Accreditation)

Fuels momentum and system-level support to help Colorado local public health agencies learn about and engage in quality improvement efforts, while helping these agencies prepare for national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board.

Kaiser Permanente Youth Empowerment

Creates youth engagement programs that provide high school students the opportunities to be educators, leaders and advocates for health.

Patient Navigation Training

Provides national leadership for the development, education, standardization and sustainability of the growing patient navigation workforce.

Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center

Works in collaboration with several organizations to develop, market, deliver and evaluate a wide range of trainings based on current needs and public health trends.