Community engagement

Improving public health depends on effective and comprehensive community outreach and engagement. At Trailhead Institute, we strive to integrate and transform our partnerships into holistic efforts that truly benefit the public in overarching and equitable ways.

One of our main efforts, for example, is to reduce health disparities among communities. We’re working with key partners to involve community members in identifying critical health issues to better inform research efforts and health programs aimed at addressing them. We manage all aspects of our program, including contracts, provision of fiscal administration, training and capacity building to ensure we address the needs of communities, researchers, partners, patients and health providers. We also award grants and contract programs to support the efforts and initiatives of other organizations and individuals focused on community engagement initiatives.

Current community engagement projects

Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI)—Community Engagement Core

Translates research discoveries into improved patient care and public health more quickly within our communities—with the ultimate goal of reducing health disparities in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Community Research Liaison Program

Establishes working partnerships between academic researchers and community members, serving as facilitators, ambassadors, confidants and educators.

Conference on PCOR Sustainability

Explores partnership sustainability through four phases: developing an advisory panel to identify priority topics around sustainability, hosting a series of meetings with individuals sharing their stories and lessons learned on these priority topics, hosting an interactive workshop to further refine and report out findings, and developing resources and tools to facilitate successful partnership sustainability to wider audiences.


Our team uses its experience and expertise to consult and advise individuals and organizations about any public-health-related effort, including community engagement support, fiscal trainings, grant writing and meeting facilitation.

Evidence NOW Southwest (ENSW)

Helps small and mid-sized primary care practices with a particular focus on improving the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular risk.

Regional Health Connectors

Serve as liaisons to physician offices, public health and community organizations, creating partnerships that lead to healthier communities and healthier practices.

Special projects/events

Our team provides ongoing support for a variety of special projects and events for existing projects, ranging from administrative support systems to behind-the-scenes coordinators.

Western Pipeline Award Program Office—Patient Centered Outcomes and Research

Is a progressive, three-tiered funding approach designed to speed up research proposal submission and dissemination and to develop a nationwide foundation of patients, stakeholders and researchers who are equipped and eager to participate in patient-centered outcomes research.