Awards toolkit

We know that managing award fiscal guidelines and program requirements can be both challenging and time-consuming, especially when you have limited staff and resources. The following resources can help make it easier for you to stay informed and compliant with your specific program requirements, allowing you and your team to stay focused on what’s most important: achieving your program goals. Just click on the links to access and/or download each asset.

For specific questions, we invite you to contact us directly to speak with one of our experienced staff members.

Trailhead award manual

This manual provides the fiscal guidelines to manage your award and is referred to in our contracts.
Trailhead award manual – coming soon

PCORI Pipeline to Proposal Award Manual 2017

Program requirements

Each of the following award programs has unique requirements established by the funder. Click on the links below to download the most current for each program that Trailhead manages. These documents are referenced in contracts issued for each program.

PCORI P2P Tier I Program Requirements
PCORI P2P Tier II Program Requirements
PCORI P2P Tier III Program Requirements
PCORI P2P Independent Tier Requirements – Coming Soon
CCTSI Program Requirements