Everyone has the opportunity to be healthy and live in a healthy environment.

Our mission

Trailhead Institute advances innovation and collaboration in public and environmental health.

Our guiding values

We deliver support in many ways, yet no matter what our role, we work as part of your team—fully committed to helping you achieve real change that leads to better health and a safer environment for everyone. Like you, we have an unwavering belief in the work we do, and we’ve likely been where you are right now. So we know what it takes to move forward, and we can provide the assistance, knowledge and connections to help you accomplish your goals more quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
We provide support to all people, programs and organizations that are working toward positive change in public health. We aren’t associated with any single group or funding source, so we’re able to engage everyone in the broader public health conversation. Our goal is to bring efforts and ideas together, bridging the gaps between community organizations, funders, government, academia and the private sector, so that together, we can accomplish even more.
We share your sense of urgency when it comes to advancing what’s possible in public health, and we are at the ready to dig in and help wherever and however we’re needed. Our extensive experience and expertise in this field give us unique insight into how things work and how to get things done—and we put these strengths to work to achieve the best possible outcomes.
We believe our role in advancing public health comes with great responsibility, and we strive to always measure up to the highest standards of integrity, quality and professionalism. We work efficiently and cost-effectively while providing absolute transparency to our partners, funders and communities.
We believe that progress of any kind requires a willingness to challenge status quo by continually asking “what if?” We wholeheartedly believe more can be done in public health with more people working together. We are paving the way for that to happen by finding bold, innovative ways to engage, connect and empower people to foster a safe environment and strong communities that support good health for everyone.