Architects. Guides. Facilitators. As a comprehensive and passionate team of thinkers and doers. We’re an essential, value-added consortium of public health experts for anyone and everyone connected to today’s public wellness sector.

At Trailhead, we are a sustaining force behind the “boots on the ground” for public health. Among our main priorities is helping to make “it” possible for our partners to achieve their significant and public health initiatives. We work with key organizations, communities and their leaders to augment their services while identifying critical health needs and meeting them head-on. We are the supportive administrators, the reliable facilitators and the organizational cement that bonds it all together.

Powered with invaluable expertise, critical resources and caring personnel, Trailhead serves as the stimulus, the hub and the facilitator that helps ensure greater success of every public health expedition.

The Trailhead Difference

Many voices. Infinite ideas. One goal. Trailhead is the leading, supportive and empowering catalyst that enables communities to make important decisions and enact critical initiatives aimed at delivering healthier futures and more positive environments. As a strategic partner, Trailhead allows users to leverage and to take full advantage of our personnel, our services and the full depth of our broad expertise while maintaining full control over their projects. Through fund management, program development and strategic support, we help people and organizations work together as a unified collective with the focused objective of realizing better public health for all.

Trailhead can mean something different for every partner. For some we are the fiscal sponsor and administrative partner helping develop internal fiscal capabilities. For others we’re the project manager that brings them in as a part of a larger collaboration. Some turn to us to find like-minded thinkers and others willing to share ideas and experiences. For all, one thing is constant: we are a starting point where they can map out a route to success.

The Work We Do

Thoughtful. Meaningful. Impactful. Through community engagement programs, active administrative partnerships, youth sexual health and education services, and food access and security initiatives like the Collaborative Leadership Initiatives, Trailhead enables us to realize the true and purpose-driven potential of public health in Colorado. Through a culture of conscious collaboration—a think tank of the possible—Trailhead provides the essential tools, platforms and the necessary personnel for realizing the complete and full potential of what public health in Colorado is truly meant to achieve.

Our Mission: Trailhead Institute advances innovation and collaboration in public and environmental health.

Our Vision: Everyone has the opportunity to be healthy and live in a healthy environment.

Our Drivers: Collaboration | Justice | Capacity

Our Values: Collaboration | Curiosity | Inclusion | Innovation | Reflection

Join the conversation! Check out our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan for more detail and let us know what you think.

Our People

Advisors. Navigators. Partners. Trailhead’s team of dedicated, hardworking and resourceful professionals truly is our greatest asset. We are passionately committed to every journey’s sustainable success. That’s why we work so hard each day—as your ally and strategic partner—putting our vast and varied collective of public health expertise to work collaborating, assisting and guiding diverse public health organizations toward a vibrant and healthy Colorado.

Our Staff & Interns

Our Affiliate Staff

Our Board

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Trailhead Institute is a Colorado-based nonprofit working to advance innovation and collaboration in public and environmental health. Trailhead is recruiting new members who want to join our governing Board on the critical next phase of our organizational growth and development. Whether your expertise is marketing, policy, business development, or accounting, or you’re simply passionate about improving public health in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, we invite applications from people who are ready to support positive social change and bring innovation to the way that people live, work and play.

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