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We want to do everything we can to support your project success. As part of that commitment, we offer a wide array of tools and resources to help you meet a variety of needs. Just choose from the list of questions below to access informative webinars, downloadable documents and other helpful assets.

If you already know which resource(s) you need, go to our full list of resources and access the exact tools and resources you require.

Full list of resources

Well rounded partnerships are diverse, dynamic, equitable and fluid. The following resources give you helpful information and best practices for building and growing successful partnerships:

  • Download the following tool for helpful partnership-building advice from prior Pipeline to Proposal Awardees
    Partnership Lesson Learned Tool
  • Watch the following webinar for a history of partnership engagement and tips on how to engage patients in your partnership
    True Patient & Partner Engagement
  • Download the following guide for information on how to lead discussions that engage patients, stakeholders, and researchers in your partnership projects
    PCORI Sample Engagement Pages
An advanced CER question should incorporate patient, stakeholder and research input as well as address each section of the PICOTS Framework: Population, Intervention, Comparators, Outcome, Time Frame and Setting. The following resources can help you craft a comprehensive CER question:

When it comes to proper invoicing, just follow this simple equation: Proof of Purchase + Business Purpose = Proper Backup Documentation. You can also access any of the following resources for additional information and support to help you keep both your budget and invoicing on track.

PCORI recommends that partnerships look for a variety of project funders—in addition to any PCORI Funding Announcements you’ve secured.

  • Watch this webinar for tips on finding appropriate funding sources for your project; it also includes a helpful guide and template to track your applications:
    Environmental Scan of Funding for Your Community-Engaged Research
  • Watch this webinar for an overview of funder types (and the differences among them) as well as tips on how to divide responsibilities of completing an application and how to navigate the IRB process:
    Strategic Partnership Planning
  • Get statistics on the rates that PCORI and NIH fund applications, including a detailed breakdown by PCORI Funding Announcement (PFA):
    PCORI and NIH Funding Rates
The most effective LOIs and grant applications are usually the result of well-rounded collaboration where each partner plans and writes content for sections that relate to their areas of specialty. The following resources can help guide your efforts along the way:

If you are part of the Pipeline to Proposal program, you’ll need to provide a very specific set of progressive deliverables, which are outlined here. Progressive deliverables are designed to help your partnership build an effective collective by gradually adding on to each deliverable. Once you’ve met all the deliverable, you should have most of the components needed to complete an LOI submission for your project. The following resources can help you at every step in this process:

Data collection can be done in a variety of ways, but the following guidelines and agreements can help make sure you meet all your partnership requirements.

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