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Through innovation and collaboration, we can build a Colorado where everyone has the opportunity to be healthy and live in a healthy environment.

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    Our Yearly Reports

    We take pride in being an esteemed strategic partner and collaborator. Our goal is to work efficiently and cost-effectively while providing absolute transparency to our partners, funders and communities. We invite you to explore the following resources for detailed information about our funding, budgets and audit reports.

    Please contact us directly if you have specific questions or information requests.

    Audit Reports

    By mandate, Trailhead Institute completes two specific audits each year: a compliance audit and a common Nonprofit 501(c)(3) audit. We’re honored to work alongside many of the region’s finest public health organizations as their strategic partner. And we’re pleased to make any and all of these reports readily available for public review.
    If you would like to access earlier audits, please contact us directly and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

    2022 AUDIT: 2022 Compliance Audit A-133 | 2022 Form 990 

    2021 AUDIT: 2021 Compliance Audit A-133 | 2021 Form 990 

    2020 AUDIT: 2020 Compliance Audit A-133  | 2020 Form 990

    2019 AUDIT: 2019 Compliance Audit A-133 | 2019 Form 990 

    2018 AUDIT: 2018 Compliance Audit A-133

    2017 AUDIT: 2017 Compliance Audit A-133

    2016 AUDIT: 2016 Compliance Audit A-133

    2015 AUDIT: 2015 Compliance Audit A-133

    2014 AUDIT: 2015 Compliance Audit A-133

    2013 AUDIT: 2015 Compliance Audit A-133

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