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Trailhead Institute is a passionate and supportive basecamp for those looking to launch a meaningful career in public health. As a practicing regenerative organization, Trailhead views the health and well-being of our team members as integral to our organization’s ability to build abundant and resilient communities across Colorado. Together, we empower one another as decision-makers, solution-builders, and collaborators by actively designing and reimagining organizational practices, policies, and structures that are human-centered, maintain a dynamic balance with our evolving environment, and nurture the unique genius, passions, and strengths that exist within our team.

Collectively, we value collaboration, curiosity, inclusion, innovation, and  reflection in our work with one another, our partners, and communities.

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We’re Growing Our Board of Directors

Applications will be accepted through October 18, 2023.

We are looking for a few people who are passionate about improving public health in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West to join Trailhead’s Board of Directors and support us in our mission to advance innovation and collaboration in public health.

To learn more about the role, responsibilities and how to apply, view our job description below.

Join Our Board of Directors

Available Funding Opportunities With Trailhead

We have an open request for applications for funding to support Culturally Relevant and Affirming Health Care Training Programs. 

The health care system is an essential support and service to communities across Colorado. Overtime, it has become clear that the health care system has become inaccessible to underserved and marginalized communities across Colorado and the country. Beyond the systemic barriers to access to care, it is also known that access to care is impacted by the biases, implicit and otherwise, of health care providers. It is important to address these biases in a way that centers underserved and marginalized communities, what they need while also centering opportunities for health care providers to learn.

This funding opportunity is made possible through House Bill 22-1267 and aims to fund nonprofit organizations, health care providers and health care associations to conduct culturally relevant and affirming training with health care providers to improve health outcomes of underserved and marginalized communities.

Successful applications will highlight the planning, design, and implementation of such trainings within the term of the award.

Nonprofit entities, statewide associations of health care providers, and health care organizations are encouraged to apply.

Award Duration: Seven (7) Months
Award Period: 10/15/2023-5/30/2024

Important Dates
RFA release- September 8, 2023
RFA webinar – September 15, 2023 12-1pm (https://zoom.us/j/220561396)
September 18, 2023 5-6pm (https://zoom.us/j/220561396)
RFA closes – October 8, 2023
Notice of Award – October 16, 2023
Anticipated Start Date – October 22, 2023
Anticipated End Date – May 30, 2024
Final Report Due – June 15, 2024

For full details on the Request for Applications, please click here.

In September, Trailhead hosted an applicant webinar for the Health Equity Training Grant. Access the recording here, or view the slides below.

Health Equity Webinar Slides

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that different regions throughout the state will have attendees respective to their size. With that said, we do not expect a certain number of attendees per training. We do want an understanding how the number of anticipated attendees is appropriate given the topic/material of the training.

There are no specific topics required, but topics should align with the RFA’s definition of Health Equity and being Culturally Relevant for your population.

Data regarding the outputs and immediate outcomes will be requested on a monthly basis. Given the short timeframe and amount of funding provided, we do not expect rigorous evaluation nor community level impacts to be provided.

Providers of the priority populations you identify should be the target audience for the trainings.

There is not a specific budget template, however we would like to see specific line items that will incur expenses.

There is a page limit of 5 pages to complete any of the questions.

Food is an allowable expense, and backup documentation is required (an itemized receipt).

Invoicing can be done as needed. You can invoice weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

There is not a required invoice template, but if you need one we can provide an invoice template. All we require is that the invoice is itemized per expense, and that backup documentation accompanies it.

Yes, all invoices will be sent to Trailhead Institute.

Explore Public Health AmeriCorps and Community Health Worker Apprenticeship Opportunities

Build a career in public health through on-the-job learning, training, and skilled mentorship

Colorado Public Health Works is a groundbreaking AmeriCorps Apprenticeship program providing career entry into the field of public health. Through AmeriCorps service, training, and skilled mentorship, Public Health AmeriCorps Apprentices are addressing locally-identified needs throughout Colorado communities while developing skills and core competencies needed among our next generation of public health leaders.

Explore Available Community Health Worker Apprenticeships

Explore Contract Positions With Trailhead

View available contract positions with Trailhead Institute through the requests for proposals included below.


Trailhead Institute is seeking qualified vendors to support the company in annual non-profit audits including Federal Single Audit. Trailhead has completed annual audits, including a Single Audits, for the last 10 years. Examples of recent audits can be found at the links in the RFP here, in addition to recent 990s and financials statements.

Services Required: 

  • Performs audit functions for Trailhead including the following:
    • Works with the Trailhead Finance Team to
      • Complete the required 990 annually
      • Complete the annual non-profit audit
      • Complete an annual Single Audit when federal expenses exceed $750,000
    • Present audit information to the Trailhead Board of Directors
    • Complete audit field work in a timely fashion
    • Assign designated staff to complete each required audits and 990s
    • Provide recommendations to the Trailhead Finance Team based on audit observations

Application review will start on April 11, 2022
Desired start date: As soon as feasible
Submission sent: Email only to tshirey@trailhead.institute

For full details on the Request for Proposals, please click here.

Lea esta descripción del trabajo en español.


The Jefferson County Food Policy Council seeks a Program Assistant to support our organizing, advocacy, and coalition building. The Program Assistant will increase the capacity of our organization to create community-led change by leading administration and communication for the Council.

Services Required: 

  • Administration:
    • Scheduling virtual and/or in-person meetings using Zoom and Google calendar
    • Scheduling language interpretation for meetings
    • Sending pre-meeting reminder and post-meeting follow-up emails
    • Arranging meeting space, food, and other logistics for in-person meetings
    • Planning Council events, such as tours of partner organizations or social hours
    • Tracking participation and compensation of members in Council activities
    • Tracking receipts and invoices
    • Translating meeting materials
    • Ordering supplies
  • Communication:
    • Organizing and managing member contact lists and document sharing through Google Drive and Mailchimp
    • Creating graphics and flyers
    • Manage the JCFPC shared Gmail inbox
    • Sending biweekly newsletters
    • Managing social media accounts
    • Monitoring local news, partner organization newsletters, and other sources to share information across the network
    • Translating materials

Application review will start on September 1, 2023, and will continue until a consultant is selected

Desired start date: October 1, 2023 

Submission sent: Email electronic submissions to jeffcofpc@gmail.com

For full details on the Request for Proposals, please click here.

A Spanish version of the RFP is available for viewing and sharing here.

En Español


ACCORDS (Adult and Child Center for Outcomes Research and Delivery Science) through the University of Colorado School of Medicine is contracting with 2 contractors in 3 regions (6 total contracts) across the state to support the NHLBI project: The Disparities Elimination through Coordinated Interventions to Prevent and Control Heart and Lung Disease Risk (DECIPHER) Colorado. The three regions in Colorado where we are seeking contractors are: Lower Arkansas Valley (Lamar, La Junta, Las Animas) area, Colorado Springs (Pikes Peak) area, and Greeley/Weld and Morgan area. These contracts are estimated at 30 – 40 hours/week at a $28 – 35/hour rate (based on experience) up to the total budgeted allocation for each contract.

The aim of the DECIPHER project is broad-scale implementation of an effective school-based approach called Stop Asthma Attacks (SAA) to improve asthma disparities for children in communities with fewer resources (ages 5 to 12 years). Asthma is a leading cause of children’s hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and missed school days. This nationally funded research study aims to test the ability of the SAA program to reduce asthma-related burden in rural/mid-sized cities and to be sustained. Asthma Navigators will build off of work completed with school nurses and schools in the fall and spring of 2022. Asthma Navigators will play a central role in the research project and delivering/implementing SAA. Asthma Navigators will work closely with school nurses and their teams to identify students with asthma, complete asthma assessments, recruit families into the program and project, provide the SAA program (at least 3 sessions with children and families providing asthma education, counseling, case management and care coordination) and work with school nurses and schools to create asthma-friendly and supportive environments. Asthma Navigators work is intended to improve health outcomes for students with asthma and their families by supporting school nurse-led teams and families through health navigation and care coordination.

Services Required: 

  • Provide Stop Asthma Attacks program to children with at-risk asthma and their family members. Includes visits to both children with asthma and their families, providing asthma education, assessing asthma control, and identifying gaps in care and asthma management.
  • Assist with/provide care coordination among children with asthma, their families, their school nurses and schools, their health care providers and community resources.
  • Assess and help address social determinants of health, including the use of referrals and soft hand-offs to community resources/organizations.
  • Partner and collaborate with school nurses and school nurse-led health teams to support students with asthma, such as identifying students with asthma, assessing asthma control and providing tailored education and support
  • Work with school nurses and their teams to understand school/school district environment and to build a supportive infrastructure for collecting information related to asthma. Will also work closely with the University-based research team.
  • Organize, coordinate and deliver the asthma intervention to children/families in coordination with the school nurse and their team.
  • Communicate effectively through multiple channels such as in-person visits and school events, phone calls, emails, faxes, letters.
  • Attend onboarding trainings provided by University staff to learn best practices for collecting data in a consistent and rigorous manner and to understand confidentiality and protection of personal information protocols. Trainings (as well as team meetings) will be primarily conducted via Zoom. One in-person training, for which the contractor will be reimbursed for travel & accommodations, will be required.”
  • Attend trainings and ongoing professional development opportunities to further competency in asthma management, specific intervention, and community health navigation.
  • Participate in a community of learning and practice with project team, other asthma navigators, and key project partners.
  • Collect and submit research data in a standardized manner to University staff on a scheduled basis.

Application review will be on a rolling basis until contract is filled.
Desired start date: As soon as feasible
Submission sent: Email only to anowara.begum@cuanschutz.edu

For full details on the Request for Proposals, please click here.

Our Commitment

Trailhead Institute is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals based on job-related qualifications and ability to perform a job, without regard to age, sex, race, color, veteran status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or national origin. Trailhead Institute welcomes applications from all communities, educational backgrounds and life experiences.

Trailhead Institute is a passionate supporter of inclusivity and welcomes applications from all communities, particularly from people of color; LBGTQ people; immigrants or refugees; people with disabilities; and people from low- or moderate-income backgrounds.

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