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Youth Sexual Health Program


Working together as your organization’s vested strategic partner, Trailhead Institute’s goal is to become a trusted, centralized, multi-sector, go-to resource for youth sexual health, education and resources across Colorado as a way to connect initiatives, dismantle silos, and build seamless synergy across health topics. We operate and implement programming based on the belief that every young person has the right to receive medically accurate information so that they are empowered to make informed decisions about their own sexual health.

In 2018, Trailhead integrated the Youth Sexual Health Program formerly housed at Colorado Youth Matter (CYM) into its larger scope of work after CYM announced it would be closing its doors in December of 2017. Trailhead began this integration process by initiating a comprehensive, multi-sector environmental scan in January of 2018 that engaged stakeholders, organizations and young people most connected to and impacted by the youth sexual health field. This scan determined how to move the work forward in Colorado, identifying numerous priorities for Trailhead. These priorities included:

  • Advancing statewide access to comprehensive sex education program implementation
  • Ensuring statewide coordination and partnership building among clinical and community providers engaged in youth sexual health education and care provision
  • Developing a centralized repository of youth sexual health resources and clinical and community services available across the state
  • Advancing integrated and authentic youth engagement
  • Advocating for and securing long-term, multi-year funding

Through our Youth Sexual Health Program, we support organizations, collaboratives, communities and school districts in increasing access to comprehensive sexual health education for young people using an approach that is collaborative and community-driven. This white paper details that approach and provides information on how your community can become engaged in our work.

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Adrienne Gomez

Senior Program Manager

The Youth Sexual Health Alliance

Trailhead Institute has built a statewide Alliance of community-led organizations including educators, district administrators, health care providers, local public health departments, advocacy groups and other key stakeholders, in order to better coordinate our efforts across the state and increase referral linkages between schools, clinics, and communities. These coordinated efforts around youth sexual health include but are not limited to sex education and community engagement best practices. Join us! Contact Adrienne Gomez at for information regarding membership criteria.

Explore the Resources Guiding Our Work

Through the Youth Sexual Health Program, Trailhead aims to serve as a trusted go-to resource for youth sexual health education and resources across Colorado. Included through the button below are a growing collection of resources that  have been developed through or in collaboration with Trailhead’s Youth Sexual Health Program and inform our work across the state.

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Contribute to the Youth Sexual Health Mapping Resource

Trailhead Institute hosts an online Youth Sexual Health resource map that features youth-positive comprehensive sex education, training and resources as well as youth sexual health services across the state. This resource aims to strengthen coordination between schools, clinics, and communities. If you are interested in adding your organization to this resource map, please fill out this form or contact Adrienne Gomez at for information regarding criteria.

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