Trailhead Institute Reports

Explore Trailhead Institute’s 2023 Annual Report highlighting impact across the organization’s full scope of programs, projects, and initiatives.

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Administrative Partnership Program

Learn more about Trailhead Institute’s Administrative Partnership Program and how to apply in our program white paper.

Learn more about Trailhead’s framework on Administrative Equity that introduces practices, procedures, and considerations for public health organizations to implement equitable administrative operations.

Download the Introductory Guide to Administrative Equity

Firearm-Related Harm & Violence Prevention 

Following Colorado’s 2023 Public Health Roundtable on Firearm-Related Violence Prevention, Wellstone Collaborative Strategies and Trailhead Institute produced a summary report with analysis support from Colorado Health Institute and review from roundtable attendees presenting a comprehensive understanding of how firearm-related death and injury impacts people living in Colorado.

The report introduces a population-level approach informed by a statewide, cross-sector collaborative of experts to address the factors that contribute to and protect communities from firearm harm.

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Regional Health Connector Program

Who are Colorado’s Regional Health Connectors? What do they do? How can public health organizations, health care providers, and community-based organizations get engaged? Learn more in our program overview.

Read the RHC Program Overview

Prepared by Colorado Health Institute in 2021, learn more about how Colorado’s Regional Health Connector Program supports clinic-community linkages in this network analysis report.

Read the Social Network Analysis

In 2021, the RHC program received funding through Colorado Senate Bill 137 to improve behavioral and mental healthcare systems. Read more about the program’s impact.

Read the Regional Health Connector Program’s BHRA Impact Report

Workforce Programs & Initiatives

The Colorado Blueprint for Innovative Public Health Workforce Development is a tool to inform innovative action plans for building a diverse, skilled, and sustained public health workforce that reflects Colorado communities.

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Leveraging extensive discussions with Veterans across all branches of the military, this national literature review and environmental scan of Colorado collaboratively define strategies to support employers and the public health community with engaging military Veterans in the public health workforce. The reports examine what supports Veterans need in order to access, advance, and thrive within the public and environmental health sectors.

Learn More About Engaging Military Veterans

Youth Sexual Health Program

Trailhead’s Youth Sexual Health Program supports organizations, collaboratives, communities and school districts in increasing access to comprehensive sexual health education and resources for young people using an approach that is collaborative and community-driven. Learn more in our program overview.

Download Trailhead’s Youth Sexual Health Program Overview

Colorado’s 2023 State of Adolescent Sexual Health Report identifies anti-oppressive recommendations for expanding access to comprehensive sexual health education that is intersectional, aware of oppression, pleasure-based, and accessible to all.

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