Colorado Public Health Works

Program Enrollment Overview

Congratulations on the decision to become an AmeriCorps Member as part of Colorado Public Health Works. Your commitment will help communities and organizations to build critical capacity in public health. We are grateful for your interest in an experience to improve lives within our communities.

Trailhead Institute is the administration partner of your host site. Through collaborative efforts of both the State Commission of Serve Colorado and the U.S. Department of Labor we have created a community health worker learning calendar to address opportunities for this career pathway.

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Below is your checklist of next steps that must be completed before you begin the program:

Step 1: Complete Citizenship Verification 

To complete your Citizenship Verification (U.S. Citizen or U.S. National) two forms of documentation must be provided. Please upload one document from EACH of the following lists into the Dropbox Request File (shared separately):

  1. Valid U.S. Passport
  2. City/county/state-issued birth certificate
  3. Birth Abroad of US Citizen (FS-240) issued by the State Department
  4. Certificate of birth-foreign service (FS-545) issued by the State Department
  5. Certification of report of birth (DS-1350) issued by the State Department
  6. Certificate of naturalization (N-550 or N-570) Issued by Immigration and Naturalization Service
  7. Certificate of citizenship (N-560 or N-561) Issued by Immigration and Naturalization Service

  1. Social Security Card
  2. Permanent Resident Card, INS I-551
  3. Alien Registration Receipt Card, INS Form I-551
  4. Passport indicating that the INS has approved it as temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence
  5. Departure Record (INS Form I-94) indicating that the INS has approved it as temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence*

Step 2: Initiate Online Background Checks

Please see our National Service Criminal History Check (NSCHC) Acknowledgement detailing why Trailhead conducts background checks prior to extending an offer of employment. To initiate your online background check, complete each step below:

Visit the website  –

  1. Set up a user profile and password, keep this information.
  2. Enter Fieldprint Code: FPCNCSTrailheadInst3228          
  3. Request an appointment for digital scans and/or ink cards to be sent to you for rural processing.
  4. Contact your nearest processing center for any appointment information and documentation required.

Once we can confirm your legal name through the ID documents you provide we will request a check for National Sex Offenders and state of residence if not covered through Fieldprint. Members will receive an email with a link to verify the background check consent, and upload an Government ID documentation for National Sex Offender and State of Residence background check.

Step 3: Respond to the invitation to register through Member Portal

Once we receive ID Documents you will receive an email with information for Portal registration and the ability to complete the member portion of the enrollment form.

Step 4: Review and Sign the Member Service Agreement/MOU and W9

Please review and sign the following documents via online signature:

The Member Service Agreement/MOU is executed through DocuSign. This document must be signed at least 1-day prior to your start date.

Download and complete the fillable W9 and upload to your secure Dropbox Link.

Thank you for your attention to these items. We will soon share with you program onboarding resources and schedule time within the next few weeks to answer any questions.

Questions? Contact