The Work We Do

Thoughtful. Meaningful. Impactful. Through community engagement programs, active administrative partnerships, youth sexual health and education services, and food access and security initiatives like the Collaborative Leadership Initiatives, Trailhead enables us to realize the true and purpose-driven potential of public health in Colorado. Through a culture of conscious collaboration—a think tank of the possible—Trailhead provides the essential tools, platforms and the necessary personnel for realizing the complete and full potential of what public health in Colorado is truly meant to achieve.

Youth Sexual Health

Working together as your organization’s vested strategic partner, Trailhead Institute’s goal is to become a trusted, centralized, multi-sector, go-to resource for youth sexual health, education and resources across Colorado as a way to connect initiatives, dismantle silos, and build seamless synergy across health topics. We operate and implement programming based on the belief that every young person has the right to receive medically accurate information so that they are empowered to make informed decisions about their own sexual health.

Youth Sexual Health Program White Paper: This white paper provides an overview of the Youth Sexual Health Program at Trailhead Institute. Through our Youth Sexual Health Program, we support organizations, collaboratives, communities and school districts in moving the needle to increase access to comprehensive sexual health education for young people using an approach that is collaborative and community-driven. This white paper details that approach and provides information on how your community can become engaged in our work.

WISE Colorado Case Study: Engaging Communities to Advance Sex Education in Schools This paper highlights effective community engagement approaches that have been used to support districts in improving and sustaining comprehensive sexual health education since 2008. These findings were based on a qualitative analysis from interviews with current and former school district partners who participated in the Working to Institutionalize Sex Education (WISE) Colorado Initiative, led by Trailhead Institute.

Colorado Sex Ed Law ‒ What You Need To Know: This document supports school districts in translating the new requirements and updates to teaching Comprehensive Sexual Health Education put into motion by the Youth Wellness Act (HB-1032). It outlines how districts should implement sexual health education in the classroom to be in compliance with the state legislation.

State of Adolescent Sexual Health (SASH) Reports
The State of Adolescent Sexual Health (SASH) Report, in publication since 2008, highlights Colorado’s progress relative to national trends while also pointing to where there is more work to be done. The report has evolved from an independent project of Colorado Youth Matter to where it is currently: a joint venture between Trailhead Institute and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Since its inception, the SASH Report has included the input of a community advisory council. In addition to the latest state and national data, the SASH Report includes recommendations to address disparities and improve the health for Colorado’s young people.

2018 – 2019 SASH Report
2017 SASH Report
2016 SASH Report
2015 SASH Report
2014 SASH Report

Youth Sexual Health Alliance
Trailhead Institute and Children’s Hospital have partnered to build a statewide Alliance of community-led organizations including educators, district administrators, health care providers, local public health departments, advocacy groups and other key stakeholders, in order to better coordinate our efforts across the state and increase referral linkages between schools, clinics, and communities. These coordinated efforts around youth sexual health include but are not limited to sex education and community engagement best practices. Join us! Contact Adrienne Gomez at for information regarding membership criteria.

Youth Sexual Health Mapping Resource
Trailhead Institute hosts an online Youth Sexual Health resource map that features youth-positive comprehensive sex education, training and resources as well as youth sexual health services across the state. This resource aims to strengthen coordination between schools, clinics, and communities. If you are interested in adding your organization to this resource map, please fill out this form or contact Adrienne Gomez at for information regarding criteria.