We Want to Amplify Your Work

With collaboration as one of our drivers, we at Trailhead want to hear how we can leverage our platforms to support and promote the work of our partners. If you or your organization have an upcoming event, public health resource, initiative, or program that you would like Trailhead’s support in sharing with our network, we would love to hear from you.

Trailhead Institute Partner Promotional Support Form Graphic

Our Promotional Sandbox

Trailhead has a number of promotional channels available for us to think creatively and play with. As you think through your need for promotional support, below is a list of Trailhead’s available channels our team can discuss for promoting your work:

  • Promoting internally to Trailhead Staff and Affiliate Staff
  • Trailhead’s Newsletter
  • Social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Website / Blog

If you have a specific audience or stakeholder in mind, let’s brainstorm! We’re happy to discuss how best to share your work with your target audience and leverage connections we’ve built across the state.

In keeping capacity in mind, Trailhead will be open and realistic in evaluating our ability to support all partner promotional requests as they fall within our marketing and communication timelines. The more advance notice you are able to provide in seeking promotional support will allow us more room to be flexible and creative in thinking through how to amplify your work!