Supporting public health organizations across Colorado - Learn about the benefits of hosting community health worker apprentices

Trailhead is addressing a statewide need to equip and restore Colorado’s public health workforce by partnering with the training programs and public health organizations across Colorado to develop and implement experiential learning programs that create multiple pathways into the public health field.

Among these initiatives is Colorado’s community health worker apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor which takes a locally-based approach to workforce development by partnering with local public health organizations across the state to serve as host sites for community health worker apprentices. As apprentices gain hands-on experience within the public health field, they also support the capacity of local public health organizations to address local health priorities through projects that align with their community health worker initiatives.

With intentional design, strategic recruitment, and effective onboarding, these experiential learning programs mutually benefit both apprentices and employers, providing host sites with an opportunity to develop and prepare their future workforce while individuals obtain paid work experience, hands-on training and education, and skilled mentorship within the public health field.

Apprenticeships benefit employers by:

  • Developing a stable and reliable talent pipeline of qualified workers
  • Developing a diverse and highly-skilled workforce tailored to the needs of their organization and the field
  • Addressing local health priorities through apprentice projects that align with the organization’s community health worker initiatives
  • Enhancing employee retention and reducing recruitment costs, as 93% of apprentices continue employment after completing an apprenticeship
  • Providing leadership opportunities to current employees, increasing their engagement as they mentor apprentices
  • Promoting a company-wide culture of learning and keeping employees up-to-date with industry trends, changes, skills, and  technologies
  • Supporting the development of future leaders within the organization
  • Retaining company knowledge as experts near retirement
  • Helping employers address inequities in the labor market by utilizing an “earn while you learn” model that requires participants to be paid during their apprenticeship, recognizing that many people cannot afford to quit working in order to pursue training or education

For more in-depth information on the benefits of registered apprenticeship programs, visit the Colorado Depart of Labor & Employment’s Apprenticeship Colorado webpage.

The Benefits of Partnering With Trailhead

Trailhead serves as a strategic partner for developing and implementing experiential learning programs by providing host sites with strategic planning, procedural guidance and technical assistance to ensure apprenticeships are impactful for both employers and learners while meeting the requirements of federally registered apprenticeship programs.

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Helping Communities Gain Access to Care

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