Governor Polis Signs Regional Health Connector Bill (HB23-1244) Into Law, Awarding Program $1.5 Million in Part-Time Funding

On June 7, 2023 Governor Polis signed HB23-1244, which will provide $1.5 million in part-time funding for the Regional Health Connector (RHC) Program in 2023 and 2024. This bill will transition the program to the purview of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) Prevention Services Division (PSD). 

We’d like to express deep gratitude to everyone involved in this process, with special appreciation to Representatives Chris deGruy Kennedy, Elizabeth Velasco, and Senator Kevin Priola and their teams for advocating for the RHC program by introducing and supporting this bill. Thanks also to the RHCs, RHC supervisors, and host organization representatives for their virtual and in-person outreach and connection with their legislators, including testimony from Eric Stevens, Mari Plaza-Munet, Mary Burt, Namrata Shrestha, and Adams County Health Department. We’re also holding gratitude for the program’s leadership (Sarah Lampe, Hannah Groves, Gillian Grant, and Perry Dickenson) for their support, testimony and advocacy on behalf of the program. Finally, a special thank you to Tara Trujillo at CDPHE for her partnership in answering legislator questions throughout the testimonies. This was truly a team effort!

As we begin to plan the implementation of this funding and new opportunities within the RHC program, we invite you to connect with your local RHC and Trailhead’s program staff to explore new connections with this essential workforce throughout Colorado.  Here’s how you can stay in touch:

  1. Reach out to meet or reconnect with your RHC
  2. Email Gillian Grant and Hannah Groves (RHC Program Staff) to be added to our “friends of the RHCs” list
  3. Check out our website for news, updates, and stories of RHC work
Healthcare and service providers are increasingly looking outside their clinics to improve the health of their patients’ communities. Regional Health Connectors (RHCs) are successfully developing and supporting these clinic-community linkages because they live, work, and play in the regions they serve. RHCs are hosted in every region of Colorado to support practices, organizations and communities seeking to improve overall population health.
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