Public Health Workforce Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the need for a robust, community-based public health workforce as the pandemic has laid bare the lack of public health infrastructure in Colorado and across the United States.

Together, Trailhead and the Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative are spearheading several initiatives aimed at supporting Colorado’s existing public health workers and expanding the state’s workforce through development of career pathways, pre-apprenticeship programs and community health worker apprenticeships. Program details and additional resources can be found below.

Community Health Worker Apprenticeship

Working with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Trailhead has received approval for the community health worker apprenticeship to receive COVID Disaster Relief Fund reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Labor, providing an incentive to employers through a wage reimbursement of $15,000 per eligible apprentice – about half the wages due to an apprentice. In addition, there are other funds that can likely be applied for as well to further lessen the burden on employers, including partnerships with community colleges.

To learn more, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s website here.

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Public Health Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Public Health Pre-Apprenticeship Program is a free online program created to provide an introduction to the public health field and explore health-related careers through online virtual training, career exploration modules and remote career counseling.

Designed for students and professionals looking to explore career opportunities in public health and health care fields, the Public Health Pre-Apprenticeship Program includes the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center’s ‘Introduction to Public Health in the Time of COVID-19’ training featuring an introduction to cultural responsiveness, public health in Colorado, HIPPA and confidentiality and contact tracing; career exploration modules; virtual career counseling; and the option to complete a Basic Life Support certification following program completion.

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Public Health Career Pathways

Developed in partnership with the Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative and the Colorado Workforce Development Council, the public health career pathways are the first strategic “career ladder” initiative dedicated to the field of public health, connecting individuals to work, education and support services exploration and action planning in the public health field through My Colorado Journey, a resourceful statewide online platform.

Identifying three pathways within the field of public health – public health, environmental health and administration – Trailhead and its partners have engaged workforce and academic partners from across the state to develop skills-based pathways to meet the need of an equitable, robust public health system and sustain a highly skilled, well-funded public health workforce during COVID-19 and beyond.

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